To Vineland Office
from Somers Point, NJ

Start out going northeast on Shore Rd/County
Hwy-585 toward Higbee Ave. (then 1.23 miles)

Turn left onto Ocean Heights Ave/County Hwy-559 Alt.
Ocean Heights Ave is just past Lashley Ave
Fischer Flowers is on the corner. If you reach W Royal Ave you've gone a little too far(then 9.48 miles)

Turn right onto Somers Point Rd/County Hwy-559.
Continue to follow County Hwy-559.(then 2.03 miles)

Turn left onto County Hwy-617/River Dr. If you are on
Main St and reach Pine St you've gone a little too far
(then 0.37 miles)

Take the 1st left onto Harding Hwy/US-40 W/NJ-50.
Continue to follow Harding Hwy/US-40 W. Harding Hwy is just past Pennington Ave (then 8.59 miles)

Turn left onto Cedar Ave/County Hwy-540. Continue
to follow County Hwy-540. County Hwy-540 is just past Dahlia Ave. If you are on US-40 W and reach Beach Ave you've gone a little too far. (then 7.07 miles)

Stay straight to go onto E Landis Ave.
(then 1.52 miles)

415 W LANDIS AVE, SUITE 102 is on the left.
Your destination is just past S West Blvd.
If you reach S 4th St you've gone a little too far


LOCATION: 415 West Landis Avenue, Suite 102, Vineland, NJ 08360
NOTE: Construction detours may be encountered.
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Any Questions: Call 609.653.9110
or Toll Free: 877. 653.9110


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